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Cycle:"Less Architecture, More City" en Arquia/Film Archive


Arquia/Film Archive is providing the videos from the 5th International Architecture Conference: 'More Architecture, More City' organised by the Architecture and Society Foundation, which was held in June in Pamplona.

The videos that are available cover the programme of round tables and discussions between high-profile guests:


01. INTRODUCTION: with Uxue Barkos Berruezo, President of the Regional Community of Navarra, Carlos Salchaga, Chairman of the Architecture and Society Foundation and Francisco Mangado, founder of Architecture and Society.

02. THE CITY MAKES US FREE: Eduardo Mendoza, author (Barcelona) and Leonardo Padura, author (Havana). Discussion 'Prodigios urbanos / The Wonder of Cities' moderated by José Luis García Delgado.

03. THE GOVERNANCE OF CITIES: Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid and Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT. Discussion 'Urbes consolidadas y emergentes / Established and Emerging Metropolises' moderated by Javier Conde.

04. URBAN VISIONS: Iwan Baan (Amsterdam) and Dominique Perrault (Paris). Discussion 'La ciudad en mutación / The City in Mutation', moderated by Luis Fernández-Galiano.

05. THE CITY AS A PROJECT: Farshid Moussavi (London) and Belinda Tato, founding member of Ecosistema Urbano (Madrid). Discussion 'Construir en el ámbito urbano / Building in the Urban Realm' moderated by Ángela García de Paredes.

06. ARCHITECTURE FOR URBANITY: Salvador Rueda, Director of the Urban Ecology Agency BCNecologia and Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum (London). Discussion 'Ecología política de la ciudad / Political Ecology of the City' moderated by Sandra Ollo.



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